Fujitsu to Build 25 Petaflop Supercomputer at JCAHPC in Japan

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jcahpcToday Fujitsu announced an order for a 25 Petaflop supercomputer system from the University of Tokyo and the University of Tsukuba. Powered by Intel Knights Landing processors, the “T2K Open Supercomputer” will be deployed at the Joint Center for Advanced High-Performance Computing (JCAHPC), which the two universities jointly operate.

The new supercomputer will be an x86 cluster system consisting of 8,208 of the latest FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY x86 servers running next-generation Intel Xeon Phi processors. Due to be completely operational in December 2016, the system is expected to be Japan’s highest-performance supercomputer.

In researching successor systems, the University of Tokyo and the University of Tsukuba established JCAHPC as Japan’s first organization where universities would collaborate to build and operate a single supercomputer system. The universities made the decision to deploy Fujitsu’s new supercomputer to this facility as their primary system.

The high-density system is to have a compact physical footprint, with eight nodes fitting into 2U rackmount chassis. Advanced “hot water” cooling technology is used to supply cooling water to all the system’s components, each of which have different optimum temperatures. In this way efficient cooling at low power is achieved.

Fujitsu will also supply an HPC middleware, the FUJITSU Software Technical Computing Suite, to ensure the efficient job scheduling and overall system management. The system will deliver maximum performance by utilizing Fujitsu and Fujitsu Laboratories’ performance tuning technology.

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