Cheyenne – NCAR’s Next-Gen Data-Centric Supercomputer

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In this video, Dave Hart, CISL User Services Manager presents: Cheyenne – NCAR’s Next-Generation Data-Centric Supercomputing Environment.


“Cheyenne is a new 5.34-petaflops, high-performance computer built for NCAR by SGI. The hardware was delivered on Monday, September 12, at the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC) and the system is on schedule to become operational at the beginning of 2017. All of the compute racks were powered up and nodes booted up within a few days of delivery.”

An SGI ICE XA Cluster, the Cheyenne supercomputer features 145,152 latest-generation Intel Xeon processor cores in 4,032 dual-socket nodes (36 cores/node) and 313 TB of total memory. Early users previously began working on the Laramie test cluster, which CISL staff are using to finalize the Cheyenne system’s user environment while preparing the HPC system for acceptance testing.


Download the Slides (PDF)

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