Video: Time-Lapse Walk-Through of SC16

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sc16If you were not able to attend SC16, have we got a video for you! Courtesy of Asetek, this time-lapse walk-through of the exhibit hall sure looks familiar to this reporter who spent the last four days shooting over 50 interviews.

“Asetek solutions for HPC includes RackCDU D2C (Direct-to-Chip), RackCDU ISAC (In-Server Air Conditioning), and ServerLSL (Server Level Sealed Loop). RackCDU D2C provides cooling energy savings greater than 50% and density increases of 2.5x-5x. RackCDU ISAC is a sealed server solution which captures over 90% of heat load into liquid. ServerLSL provides liquid assisted air cooling for server nodes, replacing less efficient air coolers and enabling the servers to incorporate the latest CPUs and GPUs.”

See our complete coverage of SC16

See our complete coverage of SC16


  1. Awesome. That just saved me tons of time and money. And I didn’t have to endure SLC. Hooray!