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10 Things You’re Wrong About in HPC

In this video from the Switzerland HPC Conference, Rich Brueckner from insideHPC presents: 10 Things You’re Wrong About in HPC.

“While High Performance Computing has gone through dramatic changes since Seymour Cray created the supercomputer industry in the 1970’s, misnomers, myths, and Alternative Facts have established themselves in the hive mind of the HPC community. In this session, Rich will turn the industry on its ear and reveal the whole truth in the service of outright parody.”

Recently named as one of the Top 20 Big Data Influencers by Forbes Magazine, Rich Brueckner is an avid writer, publisher, and technology pundit focused on high performance computing. He acquired inside- in 2010 and has since expanded his online publications to include inside-BigData, inside- Startups, and The Exascale Report. With over 25 years of HPC experience at Cray Research, SGI, and Sun Microsystems, Rich is known to many in the industry as “the guy in the Red Hat.”

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