Quantum Drives High Performance Storage at SC17

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In this video from SC17, Molly Presley from Quantum describes how the company’s high performance storage systems power HPC. The interview was shot in an autonomous research vehicle at the Quantum booth to underscore the role the company plays in capturing and managing research data.

So why have an autonomous car at a Supercomputing show? The answer is Big Data. The Autonomous Stuff vehicle in this video is actually a rolling software development platform equipped with sensors that generate a whopping 30 Terabytes of data per day. Now just imagine if there were millions of vehicles on the road generating this kind of data. Only HPC could deal with that problem at scale. Companies like Quantum are stepping up to help solve this big data problem, both in the vehicle, on the edge, and in the datacenter.”

At SC17, Quantum featured data storage and management solutions aimed at addressing the challenges of ingesting sensor and instrument data — and rapidly aggregating it for analytics and HPC cluster work. The company also highlighted how scale-out storage solutions powered by its StorNext parallel file system enable advances in research with a unique combination of high performance, low-cost capacity and ready access to integrated multitiered storage, including tape and object storage archives.

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