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Radio Free HPC Recaps SC17 in Denver

In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team describes the highlights of SC17 in Denver. Highlights includes the debut of ARM hardware for HPC, a Rasberry Pie Cluster, and pervasive liquid cooling.

Other highlights include:

  • Posit Research was there at the Innovation Showcase with an all-new company working to proliferate Unum based computing invented by John Gustafson from A*STAR in Singapore.
  • New high performance interconnects are proliferating with PCIe technologies, Gen-Z, etc.
  • The Student Cluster LINPACK record was smashed this year with 51.8 Teraflops. Nanyang University achieved this record number with the new NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs.

Shahin noted that there was a good number of exhibits centering around quantum computing.

After that, we do our catch of the week:

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  1. It’s mentioned in the podcast that you didn’t see any ARM benchmarks presented. What about the performance results presented for the Isambard system using Cavium ThunderX2 processors? ( )

    Some impressive numbers there, including for real workloads such as the UK Met Office’s Unified Model (an atmospheric weather model), NEMO (an ocean forecasting model), and OpenFOAM (fluid dynamics simulations).

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