Steve Oberlin from NVIDIA Presents: HPC Exascale & AI

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Steve Oberlin is CTO of Tesla at NVIDIA

In this video from SC17, Steve Oberlin from NVIDIA presents: HPC Exascale & AI.

“HPC is a fundamental pillar of modern science. From predicting weather to discovering drugs to finding new energy sources, researchers use large computing systems to simulate and predict our world. AI extends traditional HPC by letting researchers analyze massive amounts of data faster and more effectively. It’s a transformational new tool for gaining insights where simulation alone cannot fully predict the real world.”

Steve Oberlin is responsible for NVIDIA’s Tesla roadmap and architecture. Tesla GPUs are NVIDIA’s flagship processors for high performance computing, delivering extreme parallel processing, unrivaled processing power, and world-leading efficiency. They are playing a critical part in the race to build exascale computers to tackle the world’s most complex computational challenges in science and industry.

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