Accelerating HPC Applications on NVIDIA GPUs with OpenACC

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Doug Miles from NVIDIA

In this video from the Stanford HPC Conference, Doug Miles from NVIDIA presents: Accelerating HPC Applications on NVIDIA GPUs with OpenACC.”

OpenACC is a directive-based parallel programming model for GPU accelerated and heterogeneous parallel HPC systems. It offers higher programmer productivity compared to use of explicit models like CUDA and OpenCL.

Application source code instrumented with OpenACC directives remains portable to any system with a standard Fortran/C/C++ compiler, and can be efficiently parallelized for various types of HPC systems – multicore CPUs, heterogeneous CPU+GPU, and manycore processors.

This talk will include an introduction to the OpenACC programming model, provide examples of its use in a number of production applications, explain how OpenACC and CUDA Unified Memory working together can dramatically simplify GPU programming, and close with a few thoughts on OpenACC future directions.”

Doug Miles is Senior Director of PGI Compilers & Tools at NVIDIA. He runs the PGI compilers & tools team at NVIDIA. He has worked in HPC for over 30 years in math library development, benchmarking, programming model development, technical marketing and software engineering management at Floating Point Systems, Cray Research Superservers, The Portland Group, STMicroelectronics and NVIDIA.

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