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Podcast: Terri Quinn on Hardware and Integration at the Exacale Computing Project


Terri Quinn is the associate program director for Livermore Computing (LC), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s (LLNL’s) high-performance computing organization.

In this podcast, Terri Quinn from LLNL provides an update on Hardware and Integration (HI) at the Exascale Computing Project.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories will acquire, install, and operate the nation’s first exascale-class systems. ECP is responsible for assisting with applications and software and accelerating the research and development of critical commercial exascale system hardware. ECP’s Hardware and Integration research focus area (HI), was created to help the laboratories and the ECP teams achieve success through mutually beneficial collaborations. Each member of the HI leadership team has deep high-performance computing (HPC) expertise as well as extensive experience in at least one area of HI such as center operations or helping HPC users make the most out DOE’s HPC resources.

What HI Does:

  • Manages the PathForward program, which is funding six US companies to advance time-critical early vendor hardware research and development (R&D) needed to realize exascale-capable system designs for DOE’s exascale system acquisitions
  • Performs evaluations of early hardware designs to influence the designs and to inform ECP teams
  • Provides resources to the DOE laboratories so they can support ECP Application Development (AD) efforts to port and optimize for exascale and pre-exascale systems
  • Provides resources to the DOE laboratories so they can deploy and test ECP software
  • Facilitates access to compute resources made available to ECP through DOE and the DOE laboratories
  • Helps the AD and Software Technology teams share best practices and get access to specialized technical information and tools

HI’s Top Goals:

  • Help ECP application teams get the support they need internally from ECP and the DOE laboratories to prepare and run their challenge problems
    Ensure the DOE laboratories have the tested software they need from ECP in their exascale software environments (for exascale applications and exascale systems)
  • Ensure that critical hardware R&D performed has enabled at least two diverse and viable exascale system designs within the ECP time frame
  • HI’s scope is to enable the adoption and use of ECP capabilities (applications, software, and hardware innovations) by our partners, the DOE Laboratories, and HI is the final link in ECP’s chain of activities leading to successfully delivering a US exascale capability.

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