How Intel is Powering the Convergence of HPC & AI

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In this video from ISC 2018, Binay Ackalloor from Intel describes how the company is powering the convergence of AI and HPC.

“The next generation of supercomputers will provide scientists and researchers with powerful new tools to accelerate scientific discoveries and drive innovations. Intel is on the forefront of the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, simulation and modeling and other HPC workloads that will drive the industry toward the next era in supercomputing.”

Binay Ackalloor has spent over twenty years in the high tech industry in marketing , program management, and software and hardware engineering. Binay currently works at Intel in Strategic Marketing for the PC Client Group. Prior to Intel, Binay held technical positions at Motorola. Binay has an M.S. (Electrical and Computer Engineering) from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from Arizona State University. He also holds four US patents.

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