Radio Free HPC Looks at NREL’s new Eagle Supercomputer

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In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team looks at the new Eagle supercomputing under construction at NREL.

The new machine from HPE will run more detailed models that simulate complex processes, systems, and phenomena to advance early research and development on energy technologies across fields including vehicle, wind power, and data sciences.

We are strongly committed to architecting technologies to power the next wave of supercomputing and are creating advanced HPC systems while scaling energy efficiency in data centers, to get us there,” said Bill Mannel, vice president and general manager, HPC and AI Group, HPE. “Through Eagle and our overall ongoing collaboration with the U.S. DOE and NREL, we are advancing research to bolster innovation in energy and sustainability.”

After that, we do our Catch of the Week:

  • Shahin likes the story coming out of DEFCON where 11 year olds were able to hack a local election result web site in just minutes. They had 39 kids from ages 6-17.
  • Dan likes the story about the kid who hacked into Apple and was apprehended with a store of sensitive data. Will they give a job someday?
  • Dan also notes that the new Foreshadow exploit makes your home computer vulnerable to something called SGX. This stuff is never ending, so do we need to rethink how we do computing?
  • Shahin is convinced that Ai is just a subset of HPC.
  • Rich is impressed with NVIDIA’s new Turing GPUs that can do real-time ray tracing. How fast is that? They measure their performance as 10 Gigarays per second.

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  1. RE EAGLE- VASP apps are the largest share by percentage that NREL supports, and so far VASP hasn’t been able to take full advantage of GPU computing. I don’t think they rec’d any GPUs from what I have read (FYI). better check…