Podcast Looks at Exascale Computing for Forefront Scientific Problems

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In this edition of Let’s Talk Exascale, Fred Streitz of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory describes his team’s efforts to develop supercomputer applications that address forefront scientific problems by pushing the limits of leadership-class computing.

At SC18, Fred Streitz gave a talk in the US Department of Energy booth on the topic “Machine Learning and Predictive Simulation: HPC and the US Cancer Moonshot on Sierra.” As a guest on the ECP podcast, he provides an overview and some insights from his booth talk.

Fred Streitz leads efforts to develop HPC applications that push the limits of leadership-class computational capability to address forefront scientific problems. On four occasions, he has led multidisciplinary/multi-institutional teams recognized as Gordon Bell Prize Finalists for significant achievement in supercomputing. His current focus, as Director of the HPC Innovation Center, is broadening the use of high performance computing by U.S. industry to promote global competitiveness. Fred is also the director of LLNL’s High-Performance Computing Innovation Center (HPCIC), where he develops and strengthens collaborations with academic and industrial partners. Further, he is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and a two-time winner of the Gordon Bell Prize for significant achievement in supercomputing.

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