Video: Jensen Huang Keynote and News Recap from GPU Technology Conference

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In this video, Bryan Catanzaro from summarizes the news from the GPU Technology Conference 2019 in Silicon Valley. The keynote from NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang showcased how accelerated computing is powering AI, computer graphics, data science, robotics, automotive, and more.

Eyal Waldman from Mellanox joins Jensen Huang on stage at GTC.


  • Mellanox CEO Eyal Waldman joined Huang on stage to describe how the two company’s technologies power more than half the world’s TOP500 fastest supercomputers. Now in the process of being acquired by NVIDIA, Mellanox complement’s NVIDA’s strength in datacenters and HPC.

We’re seeing a great growth in data, we’re seeing an exponential growth,” said Waldman. “The program-centric datacenter is changing into a data-centric datacenter, which means the data will flow and create the programs, rather than the programs creating the data.”

  • Bringing AI to Datacenters. Ai technologies are finding their way into the world’s datacenters as enterprises build more powerful servers — “scaling up” or “capability” systems, as Huang called it  — and network their servers more closely together than ever — or “scaling out,” or “capacity” systems, as businesses seek to turn data into a competitive advantage.
  • CUDA-X AI. Huang described CUDA-X AI as “the world’s only end-to-end acceleration libraries for data science.” CUDA-X AI arrives as businesses turn to AI — deep learning, machine learning and data analytics — to make data more useful, Huang explained. The typical workflow for all these: data processing, feature determination, training, verification and deployment. CUDA-X AI unlocks the flexibility of our NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs to uniquely address this end-to-end AI pipeline.
  • NVIDIA-powered Data Science Workstation. Built with Quadro RTX GPUs  and pre-installed with CUDA-X AI accelerated machine learning and deep learning software, these systems for data scientists are available from global workstation providers.

In this video of the full keynote, Founder and CEO Jensen Huang describes the company’s progress accelerating the sprawling datacenters that power the world’s most dynamic industries.

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