Video: The Human Side of AI

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From left, Dan Olds from OrionX speaks with Greg Schmidt from HPE.

In this video from the GPU Technology Conference, Dan Olds from OrionX discusses the human impact of AI with Greg Schmidt from HPEThe industry buzz about artificial intelligence and deep learning typically focuses on hardware, software, frameworks,  performance, and the lofty business plans that will be enabled by this new technology. What we don’t hear a lot about is the human side of AI – what we hope it will provide for our fellow citizens and loved ones.

I had an interesting conversation with Greg Schmidt, HPE’s Apollo System Product Manager on these topics. We discussed how self-driving cars will safeguard our family members on trips, eliminating (well, almost eliminating) worry about them getting to the right place at the right time, safely. We also talked about a medical condition affecting his daughter and how an informal type of AI helped them to develop a treatment plan where there was none before. It’s the first AI discussion I’ve had in a while where we didn’t talk about accelerators, processors, AI frameworks, and all the various piece parts that go into an AI solutions – it was very refreshing. Take a look at the video below to see our unconventional discussion of AI and its potential for aiding our everyday lives.

In this video from the GPU Technology Conference, Greg Schmidt from HPE presents: Unlock AI Business Value – Enhanced HPE Apollo 6500 With NVLink.

There is a huge opportunity for businesses to use advanced AI methods to extract insights from their data faster. Imagine training your models in minutes or hours rather than days or weeks. Think how much more money can you make by getting algorithms to market faster, and getting the most productivity out of your researcher’s. At this session, Greg Schmidt introduces the new HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 System with NVLink for the enterprise. This innovative system design allows for a high degree of flexibility with a range of configuration and topology options to match your workloads. Learn how the Apollo 6500 unlocks business value from your data for AI.

Greg Schmidt is a manager in HPE’s Enterprise Servers business with over fifteen years of experience in the IT industry. Greg has an extensive background in Graphics Processing Units (GPU), virtualization technologies, marketing, sales, product development, and global value chain development. Mr. Schmidt holds a B.S. Degree in Physics, an M.S. in Physics, a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma and other industry and academic certifications.

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