Building Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Bare-Metal

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Taylor Newill from Oracle

In this video, Taylor Newill from Oracle describes how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers high performance for HPC applications.

From the beginning, Oracle built their bare-metal cloud with a simple goal in mind: deliver the same performance in the cloud that clients are seeing on-prem.”

Oracle offers on-demand HPC infrastructure, suitable for any HPC workload, based on the most advanced compute, storage, networking, and software technologies—at a fraction of the cost of building it yourself.

Oracle is absolutely committed to HPC. We’re committed to the cloud. So we’re making sure that our servers has have the best possible processor and the memory per core that’s appropriate for HPC jobs. Now we’re making sure that those servers are distributed throughout the world in all of our data centers. So that wherever you go, wherever you are running on the cloud, you’ll be able to have access to those HPC servers.”

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