Teratec Forum June 22: Europe on Way to ‘Hybrid Qomputing’

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This Teratec workshop will demonstrate that the next step in high performance computing is the introduction of quantum accelerators (quantum processing units, in short QPU) into the computing center in a modular fashion. Supercomputers and QPUs will allow scientists to perform hybrid quantum-classical computing, or Hybrid Qomputing, according to the event organizers.

The workshop is organised and moderated by Kristel Michielsen, Jülich Supercomputing Centre; Guillaume Colin de Verdière, HPC novel architectures principal investigator; and Jean-Philippe Nominé, HPC Strategic Collaborations Manager, CEA.

Registration is here.

“We will first explain what kind of algorithms are possible with this new concept, what can be hoped for and what kind of limitations we will be facing,” the organizers said. “Then we will illustrate first (industrial) results on practical use cases showing the potential impact of ‘Hybrid Qomputing’.”


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