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insideHPC and Launch the @HPCpodcast — episode 1

insideHPC in association with the technology analyst firm today announced the launch of the @HPCpodcast, featuring analyst Shahin Khan and Doug Black, insideHPC’s editor-in-chief.

@HPCpodcast is intended to be a lively and informative forum examining key technology trends driving high performance computing and artificial intelligence. Each podcast will feature Khan and Blacks’ comments on the latest HPC news and also a deeper dive into a focused topic.

In our first @HPCpodcast episode, we talk about a recent spate of good news for Intel before taking up one of the hottest areas of the advanced computing arena: new HPC-AI chips.

You can find the @HPCpodcast on insideHPC and on Twitter.

We welcome your suggestions for future special topics and guest commentators. Feel free to contact Doug or Shahin with your thoughts.

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