@HPCpodcast at SC22: An Analysis of the New TOP500 List

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This special SC22 edition looks at the new TOP500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, released today. It marks the 60th edition of the list, repesenting 30 years of systematic data on the highest performing computer architecture and configurations. While this TOP500 is not full of surprises, there’s a new no. 1 at the top of the GREEN500, and across all the categories of the list there’s always important historical data and valuable tea leaves pointing to future trends.

We look at the highlights of what changed and what can be expected to change in systems, technologies, and geographies.  The Frontier system at Oak Ridge National Lab continues its commanding lead over the list. Europe shows interesting growth. China continues to not play TOP500. AMD maintains leadership in CPUs and growing presence at the high-end in GPUs while Nvidia retains its comfortable lead in GPUs. Ethernet is a flood that gently rises with each list but the interconnect landscape is evolving in important ways. The HPCG benchmark puts it all in perspective, and the  HPL-MxP (formerly called HPL-AI) mixed precision benchmark points to the evolution of HPC and AI as the two converge and impact each other.

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