@HPCpodcast: Paul Messina and the Journey to Exascale

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From the early days of supercomputing through the success of exascale supercomputing, few HPC luminaries have played as important and integral leadership role in HPC as Dr. Paul Messina. So as we observe Exascale Day today, we are delighted to discuss the exascale journey with someone instrumental to the 10 orders of magnitude of improvement in leadership-class HPC that exascale computing has delivered.

Dr. Messina was, in fact, the first director of the Exascale Computing Project, successfully launching ECP from 2015 until late 2017.

His  career dates to the early 1970s when, after earning his PhD in mathematics at the University of Cincinnati, he joined Argonne National Laboratory in 1973.  He was involved in building programming languages for the original Cray 1. At CalTech, he was the director of the Center for Advanced Computing Research. In 1998 to 2000 he led the DOE-NNSA Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI) program, which was at the heart of DOE’s Science Based Stockpile Stewardship strategy and a catalyst for supercomputing innovation.


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