JetCool Unveils Liquid Cooling for Nvidia H100 GPUs

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Littleton MA – April 30, 2024 – Liquid cooling company JetCool today announced the availability of its liquid cooling module for Nvidia’s H100 SXM and PCIe GPUs. Unveiled initially at the 2023 Supercomputing Conference, JetCool’s SmartPlate technology has undergone extensive performance validation with Nvidia’s H100 GPUs. It surpasses conventional air cooling methods, delivering a performance improvement of 82 percent while reducing total power consumption in AI clusters by 15 percent

JetCool said this advancement comes at a critical time when the surge in AI and high-computing demands are intensifying the need for effective and sustainable cooling technologies.

SmartPlate, which uses JetCool’s targeted microconvective liquid cooling technology, epitomizes breakthroughs in single-phase, direct-to-chip liquid cooling, delivering unparalleled computing speed and sustainability compared to other liquid cooling methods. This cutting-edge technology not only optimizes rack density and power efficiency but also promotes heat reuse by effectively utilizing warm inlet coolants with temperatures up to 60°C under full workload conditions.

Features include:

  • Reduce thermal resistance of the H100 GPU from 0.122 C/W to an impressive 0.021 C/W.
  • Eliminate costly refrigeration cycles and maintain peak performance even in environments with elevated coolant temperatures.
  • Lower GPU temperatures by 35°C using just 2 percent of the cooled power.
  • Reduce AI cluster power consumption by 15 percent, while lowering noise levels up to 13dB.

“Our Nvidia H100 SmartPlate is not just a product, it’s a paradigm shift in data center liquid cooling technology,” stated Dr. Bernie Malouin, CEO and Founder of JetCool. “This breakthrough signifies JetCool’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in liquid cooling performance and sustainability to ensure our customers can meet the increasing demands of high-performance computing environments without compromising environmental values.”

JetCool’s SmartPlates for Nvidia H100 PCIe and H100 SXM5 are available now.

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