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  • Mon

    OpenPOWER Developer Congress

    1:00 pmSan Francisco, CA

    Redefining the Developer Event: Get Your Hands Dirty!

    The OpenPOWER Foundation wondered: What if developers at a developer event actually spent their time developing?

    Announcing the OpenPOWER Developer Congress, a hands-on event where developers bring their laptops and best ideas and get their hands dirty, working under the tutelage of technical experts from all areas of the OpenPOWER community to create accelerated and optimized solutions that are simply not possible on other architectures.

    The Congress will focus on the full stack of solution components — software, hardware, infrastructure, and tooling. Developers will have the opportunity to learn and develop solutions amongst their peers, amongst the leading experts in machine learning and AI, in a collaborative and supportive environment.

    ISVs will be given the development, porting, and optimization information, the tools and techniques necessary to utilize multiple technologies, for example: PowerAI, TensorFlow, Chainer, Anaconda, GPU, FPGA, CAPI, POWER, and OpenBMC.

    The first ever OpenPOWER Developer Congress will take place May 22-25 in San Francisco. Apply to attend, and learn new ways to embed specific solutions, accelerate workloads, or monetize applications, and leave with a solution your company can potentially sell.

    Working Agenda:
    • VisionBrain: Deep Learning Development Platform for Computer Vision
    • GPU Programming Training, including OpenACC and CUDA
    • Inference System for Deep Learning
    • Intro to Machine Learning / Deep Learning
    • Develop / Port / Optimize on Power Systems and GPUs
    • Advanced Optimization
    • Spark on Power for Data Science
    • Openstack and Database as a Service
    • OpenBMC

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