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  • Sun

    Fifth Workshop on Accelerator Programming Using Directives (WACCPD)

    Dallas, Texas

    Current hardware trends lead to ever more complex compute node architectures offering multiple, heterogeneous levels of massive parallelism. As a result the ‘X’ in MPI +X demands more focus. A node in a future exascale system is expected to consist of GPU-like accelerators combined with processor architectures of other types. In order to exploit the maximum available parallelism out of such systems, we are in dire need of sophisticated programming approaches that can provide scalable as well as portable solutions without compromising on performance. The expectation from the scientific community is that such solutions should allow programmers to maintain a single code base whenever possible and to avoid requiring maintaining and debug multiple versions of the same code. The focus of this workshop is to explore this ‘X’ component in a hybrid MPI +X programming approach. Learn more.