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    Exascale Day 2021


    Exascale is defined as a quintillion computations per second and Exascale Day celebrates the scientists and researchers who make breakthrough discoveries with the help of some of the fastest supercomputers in the world. Exascale Day celebrates those who keep asking what if, why not, and what’s next—with the advanced technology to attain the answers.

    The Exascale Era™ will have a profound impact on nearly every aspect of our daily lives—from healthcare and manufacturing, to understanding new energy sources and the origins of the universe.
    What does a quintillion calculations per second look like?

    • It would take 40,000 years for one quintillion gallons of water to spill over Niagara Falls.
    • The Milky Way galaxy is one quintillion kilometers wide.
    • If all 7.7 billion people on Earth each did one calculation per second, it would take over 4 years to complete a quintillion calculations. An exascale computer can do it in one second.
    • Exascale supercomputers will be roughly a million times more powerful than the average laptop we use daily.

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