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South African Student Cluster Champs Visit TACC in Austin


For the second time in as many years, TACC welcomed a new ‘cluster’ of students from South Africa to Austin as they prepare for the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) Student Cluster Competition this June.

Video: Why Cray is Such a Strong Supporter of Student Cluster Competitions


In this slidecast, Dan Olds from Gabriel Consulting discusses why Cray is such a strong supporter of the Student Cluster Competition with the company’s John Lee.

A Field Guide to the Student Cluster Competition Triple Crown


“There’s no limit on how much gear or what type of hardware teams can bring to the competition. But there’s a catch: whatever they run can’t consume more than 3,000 watts at whatever volts and amps are customary in that location. In the US, the limit is 26 amps (26*115 volts = 3000 watts.) At the ISC’13 competition in Germany, the limit will be 13 amps (13*230 volts = 3,000 watts.) The same 3,000-watt limit also applies to the upcoming ASC competition in Shanghai.”

Arizona Student Team Achieves $4.99 per Gigaflop


Over at The Register, Dan Olds writes that the recent SC13 Student Cluster Competition was a real eye opener in terms of what performance can be achieved with commodity hardware.

Teams Announced for HPCAC-ISC’14 Student Cluster Challenge

Today the HPC Advisory Council announced that 11 university teams from around the world will compete in the HPCAC-ISC 2013 Student Cluster Competition.

Video: iVEC Student Cluster Team Tunes Code with Allinea MAP

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 8.36.42 AM

In this video from SC13, David Lecomber and Dr. Rebecca Hartman-Baker describe how the Student Cluster Team from iVEC in Australia used Allinea MAP to tune their applications for the competition.

HPCAC Looks Ahead to Stanford Workshop and ISC’14 Student Cluster Competition


In this video, Gilad Shainer from the HPC Advisory Council reviews the organization’s past year of community building efforts. He also discloses plans for the third annual ISC’14 Student Cluster Competition, which takes place in Leipzig in June 2014.

SC13 Awards Roundup: Students Trounce Old-Timers in Celebrity Pro-AM


SC13 wrapped its 25th anniversary conference wrapped today with awards for the very best in supercomputing.

Podcast: iVEC Student Cluster Team to Use Allinea MAP as a Secret Weapon


In this podcast, Dr. Rebecca Hartman-Baker from iVEC in Australia describes how she pulled together a team in Perth for the SC13 Student Cluster Competition. Using innovative profiling tools like Allinea MAP, the iVEC team hopes to tune application codes and gain a competitive edge.

American Teams Line Up to Defend Cluster Cup at SC13

Dan Olds provides profiles of the five teams who will be defending America’s Big Iron honor at the upcoming competition at SC13 conference in Denver.