2016 Predictions from Radio Free HPC

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bubbleIn this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team makes their tech predictions for 2016.

  • Henry predicts that customers are increasingly going to look for systems with validated firmware. The prediction comes on the heels of news that hackers have exploited VPN backdoors in firewalls from Juniper Networks.
  • Dan thinks that 2016 will be the year of accelerators, especially FPGAs. For the cutting-edge, Dan thinks we’ll see more big systems start to look more like mainframes with attached specialized processors. As a first step towards this, today Intel announced the closing of its largest acquisition yet, the $16.7 billion deal to buy programmable logic vendor Altera Corp.
  • Rich predicts that we will see a 100 Petaflop system from China this year, and that it will stay number one on the TOP500 until 2019.

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