Intel Discontinues Xeon Phi 7200-Series Knights Landing Coprocessors

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AnandTech reports that Intel is discontinuing it’s line of Knights Landing PCIe based Co-processors. The move is not a surprise given that the company has been producing bootable Xeon Phi processors since early in 2016.

The products in question are the Xeon Phi 7220A, 7220P and 7240P coprocessors, which were used for software development by various close partners of Intel, but were never released as commercial products (even though TYAN was ready to support Intel’s PCIe coprocessors). With that in mind, Intel discontinued the SKUs on August 24 immediately without initiating a lengthy EOL program that would enable partners to order additional units, presumably because none of the cards were ever shipped commercially in any viable quantity. By contrast, Intel’s Xeon Phi 7200-series CPUs are shipping and will be available going forward.

At least for now, Intel does not want to compete against add-on PCIe compute accelerators with its Xeon Phi products. A big question is whether it actually needs to, given the stand-alone capabilities of Xeon Phi and its performance characteristics.

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