SC17 Panel Preview: How Serious Are We About the Convergence Between HPC and Big Data?

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Hatem Ltaief from KAUST will moderate a panel on the convergence of HPC and Big Data at SC17.

SC17 will feature a panel discussion entitled How Serious Are We About the Convergence Between HPC and Big Data? The session takes place Nov. 14 at 10:30 am.

The possible convergence between the third and fourth paradigms confronts the scientific community with both a daunting challenge and a unique opportunity. The challenge resides in the requirement to support both heterogeneous workloads with the same hardware architecture. The opportunity lies in creating a common software stack to accommodate the requirements of scientific simulations and big data applications productively while maximizing performance and throughput.

With the hardware technology scaling and the sheer volume of scientific data to process, the scientific community faces fresh opportunities. Come, discuss and share with experts panelists how the community needs now to address the following questions moving forward:

    • Is the HPC / Big Data convergence a forced marriage or of mutual consent?
    • What are the current and future challenges / limitations to reach this convergence?
    • Does the HPC / Big Data convergence necessarily mean compromise and sacrifice in order to gain the expected synergisms?


Registration is now open for SC17, which takes place in Denver, Nov. 12-17.

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  1. Must not be too serious – no big data people on the panel.