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Improving Deep Learning scalability on HPE servers with NovuMind: GPU RDMA made easy

Bruno Monnet from HPE

In this video from the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, Bruno Monnet from HPE presents: Improving Deep Learning scalability on HPE servers with NovuMind: GPU RDMA made easy.

HPE Deep Learning solutions empower innovation at any scale, building on our purpose-built HPC systems and technologies solutions, applications and support services. Deep Learning demands massive amounts of computational power. Those computation power usually involve heterogeneous computation resources, e.g., GPUs and InfiniBand as installed on HPE Apollo. NovuMinds NovuForce system leveraging state of art technologies make the deployment and configuration procedure fast and smooth. NovuForce deep learning softwares within the docker image has been optimized for the latest technology like NVIDIA Pascal GPU and infiniband GPUDirect RDMA. This flexibility of the software, combined with the broad GPU servers in HPE portfolio, makes one of the most efficient and scalable solutions.”

NovuMind is dedicated to improving your life through Artificial Intelligence by making things think. Through cutting edge, in-house-developed AI technology, NovuMind combines big data, deep learning, high-performance computing and heterogeneous computing to change the Internet of Things (IoT) into the Intelligent Internet of Things (I²oT).

Bruno Monnet is an HPC Technical Consultant at HPE.

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