Registration Opens for September HPC User Forum at Argonne

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Steve Conway and Earl Joseph of Hyperion Research

Registration is now open for the HPC User Forum at Argonne National Lab. The event takes place September 9-11.

Our global steering committee representing leading HPC centers has worked with Hyperion Research to provide a powerful agenda representing key trends at the forefront of government, academic and private sector HPC use around the world. You’ll hear about recent developments in the exascale race, architectures, HPDA-AI, smart cities, cloud computing, industrial-commercial HPC and other important topics.

HPC User Forum Agenda

Monday, September 9, 2019
6:30 PM       Welcome and Special Dinner Reception Event (at the Guest House) 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

7:15 AM       Networking Breakfast (at the Conference center)
8:00 AM       Welcome: Paul Muzio, Rupak Biswas, Earl Joseph and Steve Conway
8:10 AM       Welcome and Overview of HPC at Argonne National Laboratory, David Martin
8:30 AM       HPC Global Market Update, Earl Joseph and Steve Conway, Hyperion Research

                       Morning Session Chair: David Martin

8:45 AM       Future Directions in HPC Architectures, Rick Stevens, ANL
9:30 AM       The Cray Shasta Architecture, Steve Scott, Cray
9:45 AM       Update on Exascale Computing Project (ECP), Doug Kothe, Director, ECP

10:15 AM     Networking Break

10:45 AM     HPC at DOE Office of Science, Steve Binkley (invited)
11:15 AM     ECP Applications Development, Andrew Siegel, ANL
11:45 AM     Vendor technology update: Dell/EMC

12:00 PM     Networking Lunch

                       Afternoon Session Chair: Paul Muzio

1:00 PM       The European Processor Initiative, Jean-Marc Denis, EPI
1:30 PM       CSCS (Swiss National Supercomputing Center) Update, Thomas Schulthess
2:00 PM       Vendor Technical Update NEC
2:15 PM       Addressing Complexity in Leadership-Class Supercomputers, Arno Kolster and Ryan Quick, Providentia Worldwide

2:30 PM       Networking Break

3:00 PM       EPCC/University of Edinburgh Update, Mark Parsons
3:30 PM       Vendor technology update: Intel
3:45 PM       The Cancer Computer, Roy Chartier, Cancer Computer
4:15 PM       Vendor Technical Update (AWS)
4:30 PM       Cloud Computing Research Findings, Earl Joseph and Alex Norton, Hyperion Research
4:45 PM       Quantum Computing Research Findings, Bob Sorensen, Hyperion Research

5:00 PM       Meeting Ends

6:30 PM       Special Dinner Event at the Advanced Photon Source (Building 409)


Wednesday, September 11

8:10 AM       Welcome: Paul Muzio, Rupak Biswas, Earl Joseph and Steve Conway

Morning Session Chair: Rupak Biswas

8:15 AM       HPDA-AI Research Findings: Steve Conway and Alex Norton, Hyperion Research
8:30 AM       The E3SM MMF Atmosphere General Circulation Model on Hybrid Leadership Architectures, David Bader, LLNL
9:00 AM       Vendor Technical Update: HPE
9:15 AM       Research Using the Blue Waters Supercomputer, Bill Kramer, NCSA
9:45 AM       HPC in Industry, Brendan McGinty, NCSA

10:15 AM     Networking Break

10:45 AM     Special end user presentation
11:15 AM     Innovative Technologies Panel Session, Earl Joseph, Hyperion Research (chair)

12:00 PM     Networking Lunch

Afternoon Session Chair: Keith Gray

1:00 PM       HPC at BP, Keith Gray
1:30 PM       The ANL Exascale Training Program, Ray Loy, ANL

2:00 PM      Using Graphs for Unstructured Data, Keshav Pingali, TACC
2:30 PM       New AI Hardware Efforts around the World, Alex Norton, Hyperion Research

3:45 PM       Networking Break

3:15 PM       Urban Center for Computation and Data, Charlie Catlett, ANL
3:45 PM       Vendor technology update

4:00 PM       AI and Smart Cities special speaker
4:30 PM       How the Results of Summit and Sierra are Influencing Exascale, Al Geist, ORNL
5:00 PM       Meeting Wrap-Up, Paul Muzio, Rupak Biswas, Earl Joseph and Steve Conway

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