Demonstrates Natural Language Understanding Inspired by Neuroscience

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Francisco Webber is CEO of

In this video, CEO Francisco Webber demonstrates how the company’s software running on Xilinx FPGAs breaks new ground in the field of natural language understanding (NLU). The unique approach to NLU is inspired by the latest findings on the way the brain processes information. This approach provides advantages over traditional machine learning approaches and helps businesses solve many open NLU challenges like meaning-based filtering of terabytes of unstructured text data, real-time topic detection in social media, or semantic search over millions of documents across languages. delivers AI-based Natural Language Understanding solutions which are quicker and easier to implement and more capable than current approaches. The company’s patented approach enables enterprises to more effectively search, extract, annotate and analyze key information from any kind of unstructured text. artificial intelligence-based solutions can be quickly trained without supervision in the specialized vocabulary of any business domain and can function across multiple languages. The company’s solutions have been implemented at multiple Fortune 100 businesses, covering a wide spectrum of use cases, and its strategic business partners include PwC* Germany. has a broad general license for Numenta’s HTM technology.” software creates “fingerprints” of text blocks for accelerated Natural Language Understanding.

At the recent XDF conference, announced a strategic relationship with Xilinx to deliver next generation machine learning solutions to unlock the value of enterprise data. unveiled its NLU technology running on Xilinx Alveo accelerator cards demonstrating orders-of-magnitude performance increases over standard computing platforms during the Xilinx Developer Conference in San Jose. Francisco Webber, CEO and co-founder, also announced that has received a strategic investment from Xilinx and will use the additional capital to expand its ability to deliver innovative NLU-based applications to enterprise customers.

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