Thoughts on SC21: Exascale, TOP500, Diversity in HPC, Quantum, the Metaverse

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We pulled together a quartet of HPC thought leaders from the technology analyst and national lab communities to gather their reflections on SC21, ranging from big-picture insights on how the event reflects the state of HPC to the keynotes, sessions and announcements they think were particularly notable.

Topics covered: The need for diversity in recruiting the next generation of HPC leaders, convergence of HPC and AI, exascale in China, the value of the TOP500 list, developments in quantum computing, the “newness” of the metaverse and government support for HPC.

Our panelists: Rick Stevens, Associate Lab Director & Distinguished Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory; Addison Snell, Co-founder and CEO, Intersect360 Research; Steve Conway, Senior Advisor, HPC Market Dynamics, Hyperion Research; and Shahin Khan, Technology Analyst,


  1. A very good discussion. Thanks for setting it up. I was particularly taken by Rick’s comments wrt needing more young people in the HPC community, women, minorities, etc. HPC is a global technology. There are plenty of smart young scientists outside of the US, in Europe and in Asia particularly. That’s one reason it is so sad to see tension between the US and China getting in the way. Think how much more progress we could make if we emphasized cooperation and collaboration to help move the global community forward.
    David Kahaner, ATIP