HPC News Bytes 20231016: China and 300eFLOPS, Samsung’s 3nm Order, Exascale Day, Women and Coding, the Coming GPU Battle

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A happy mid-October morning to you! Today’s HPC News Bytes podcast offers a rapid (5:08) romp through recent HPC developments, including comments on:

– China’s policy annou cement that it intends to reach 300 exaflops of aggregate compute power in 2025, an increase of 50 percent over the current level

– Samsung’s announcement that it has won an order for server chips using its 3nm process from an American HPC-related company; with 3nm developments at Intel and TSMC

– Exascale Day, the annual recognition of systems delivering a billion-billion calculations per second

– With the growing focus onthe HPC community’s need for diversity, a look at why the number of women in computer science and coding began to decline in the early 1980s

– The coming GPU competition among Nvidia H100’s, AMD MI300’s, Intel Gaudi-2’s

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