Interview: John Gustafson on the Evolution of Supercomputing

In this MacObserver podcast, John Martellaro discusses the evolution of HPC with John Gustafson, Visiting Professor at NUS in Singapore. “Known by many as the father of Gustafson’s Law, Dr. John Gustafson is a professor of computer science, now at The National University of Singapore. Listen in as John describes his career arc and offers some great advice for young scientists just getting started.”

Interview: John Gustafson on Technology Disruption and the StartupHPC Workshop

John Gustafson from A*Star will keynote the third annual StartupHPC Workshop on Nov 14 in Salt Lake City with a talk on Technology Disruption. Known to many in the HPC community as the father of Gustafson’s Law, John Gustafson was kind enough to sit down with us to share his perspectives on the current state of high performance computing. “The best way to spot a Startup opportunity is to notice an established vendor that has gotten too comfortable with its large market share, and thinks it can raise profit margins and resist the downward price pressure of Moore’s law.”

Podcast: John Gustafson on What’s Next for Parallel Computing

In this podcast from Radio New Zealand, John Gustafson from the A*STAR Agency for Science, Technology and Research discusses parallelism and high performance computing. Gustafson is the father of Gustafson’s Law, which gives the theoretical speedup in latency of the execution of a task at fixed execution time that can be expected of a system whose resources are improved.

Gustafson to Unveil Ubox Method at Multicore Conference

John Gustafson will unveil an all-new approach to parallelism as part of his upcoming keynote at the the Multicore World 2014 conference next week in Auckland, New Zealand. “The Ubox Method, based on a new numerical format that uses metadata to store more information using fewer bits, creates a the richest source of data parallelism since the Monte Carlo method, and redefines what is meant by “high performance.”