Diversity Talent Recruitment Platform PowerToFly Adds ‘Candidate Search’ Feature

NEW YORK – September 7, 2023  – PowerToFly, a diversity talent acquisition platform connecting underrepresented talent, today announced a new feature available within the PowerPro product, Candidate Search. The new feature is designed to provide companies with a tool to identify and recruit candidates from underrepresented backgrounds, bringing inclusivity to the hiring process. A list of […]

Podcast: Irene Qualters from LANL Shares Life Lessons on HPC and Diversity

In this Big Compute Podcast episode Gabriel Broner interviews Irene Qualters about her career and the evolution of HPC. “Some of the most profound advances that I have seen come from groups of people that have very different perspectives, very different ideas. We have to struggle to collectively bring our different disciplines on our world’s hardest problems, on the world’s most challenging problems.”

A Virtual Welcome Wagon for the HPC Community at ISC 2018

In this video from ISC 2018, Nages Sieslack and Kim McMahon discuss how the conference is working to make it easier for people of all walks of life to participate in the HPC Community. “With our first event dating back over 30 years, we’ve created a community spanning the globe. Over that period we have welcomed attendees from over 80 countries, which has made ISC a highly diverse event.”

Interview: Toni Collis on Improving Diversity at SC17

In this special guest feature, Toni Collis from EPCC discusses her new role as SC17 Inclusivity Chair and a member of the Executive Committee. ” As the leading HPC conference in the world, SC can lead the way in reducing any challenges to participation in the HPC community, thereby supporting the rapidly growing sector worldwide.”

Video: Diversity and Inclusion in Supercomputing

Dr. Maria Klawe gave this Invited Talk at SC16. “Like many other computing research areas, women and other minority groups are significantly under-represented in supercomputing. This talk discusses successful strategies for significantly increasing the number of women and students of color majoring in computer science and explores how these strategies might be applied to supercomputing.”

A New Focus on Diversity and Inclusivity at SC16

In this special guest feature, Kim McMahon writes that SC16 will reflect a concerted effort to improve diversity and inclusivity at the conference. “If you want to get the best ideas, you need to ask all of the smart people what they think. HPC is really hard and have big problems to solve that solutions will impact humanity. If we are only talking to one-third of the workforce, are we finding the best ideas and solutions? By tapping into the other two thirds, we get more people and ideas to solve the big HPC problems.”

Agencies, Universities Announce Recipients of Inaugural Program to Expand Role of Women in Leading-Edge Networks

Five up-and-coming networking experts have been selected to take part in the Women in IT Networking at SC (WINS) program. The women, all early- to mid-career networking and computer professionals, will receive full travel support to participate in the design, construction, and management of one of the largest networks in the world at the annual SC conference this November in Austin, TX (USA).