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Unleashing the Power of Parallel Storage

From Wall Street to the Great Wall, enterprises and institutions of all sizes are faced with the benefits – and challenges – promised by ‘Big Data’. But before users can take advantage of the near limitless potential locked within their data, they must have affordable, scalable and powerful software tools to manage the data.

Easily Scale Lustre to Petabytes of Data

This week we look at various attributes including how easy it is to scale Lustre file systems. The inherent scalability of Lustre aggregates storage capacity across many servers. I/O bandwidth also scales as more storage servers are added, and can be dynamically adjusted as needs change and demands for more storage capacity and bandwidth grow.

Commercial Grade Lustre File Systems

With the release of Intel Enterprise Edition (EE) for Lustre software, commercial customers have an opportunity to employ a production-ready version of Lustre optimized for business HPDA. Intel EE for Lustre includes the open source distribution of Lustre with the latest features, fully tested and supported by Intel, a major collaborator in the development of the Lustre parallel file system.

What is Lustre?

Fifteen years ago, the HPC community began developing a super fast and highly scalable parallel file system in response to the limitations of NFS. Called Lustre, it is the dominant file system technology now in use at half of the top 100 supercomputer installations worldwide (

Attaining High-Performance Scalable Storage

This second article is an editorial series that explores high performance storage and the benefits of Lustre solution for HPC. This week we look how Lustre enables scalable storage solution for business.

Video: Lustre Releases Update from LAD’14

The Lustre file system is a open source, parallel file system that supports the requirements of leadership class HPC and Enterprise environments worldwide. Lustre provides a POSIX compliant interface and scales to thousands of clients, petabytes of storage, and has demonstrated over a terabyte per second of sustained I/O bandwidth. Many of the largest and most powerful supercomputers on Earth today are powered by the Lustre file system, including over 60% of the TOP100 sites.

InsideHPC Guide to Lustre Solutions for Business

The recent release of a commercial version of the Lustre* parallel file system was big news for business data centers facing ever expanding data analysis and storage demands. Now, Lustre, the predominant high-performing file system installed in most of the supercomputer installations around the world, could be deployed to business customers in a hardened, tested, easy to manage and fully supported distribution.

LUG14 Issues Call for Presentations

OpenSFS has issued a Call for Presentations at LUG14. The event 12th annual Lustre User Group conference will take place April 8-10 in Miami, Florida.

Slidecast: Xyratex Rolls out the ClusterStor 9000

With the industry’s emphasis on scalable systems for Big Data, a lot of companies are coming out with claims of faster I/O performance. What’s noteworthy about the Xyratex ClusterStor 9000 announcement is that it goes beyond a dramatic generational improvement in performance and scalability to discuss how that performance can be used effectively to streamline an enterprise’s existing workflow,” said Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect 360 Research.

University of North Texas Deploys Dell & Terascala

The University of North Texas has installed a Dell/Terascala HPC Storage Solution as part of its new Talon 2.0 system for researchers.