CoolIT Systems and STULZ Debut High Density Chip-to-Atmosphere Data Center Liquid Cooling

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coolit2In this video, CoolIT Systems CEO & CTO, Geoff Lyon, and STULZ ATS President, Joerg Desler, discuss high density Chip-to-Atmosphere™ data center liquid cooling solutions for organizations big or small. When integrated, CoolIT Systems’ DCLC™ solutions can capture 85% and more of the servers’ heat directly into liquid. Complimenting DCLC™, STULZ precision air cooling products capture the balance of the lower density heat. A considerable benefit forms when the total heat energy from both systems is consolidated, transported outside and then dissipated or recaptured for reuse, to heat nearby buildings, for example.

CoolIT uses a flexible, “building block” approach to liquid cool any OEM server or rack configuration. While standard modules are typically used to developed complete liquid cooled solutions, custom-engineered solutions are available to meet the unique application of each individual customer.

“CoolIT’s comprehensive technology and OEM solutions address all liquid cooling requirements in the global HPC market. Our partnership with STULZ provides customers with the benefits of a single vendor to implement and service data center cooling solutions in over 140 countries.”

With the broadest range of liquid cooling devices in the industry and cooperation from major OEMs such as Lenovo, HPE, Dell, NEC, Huawei and Supermicro, CoolIT’s patented Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC™) maximizes performance and density whilst reducing OPEX. With 15 years of success and with over 2 million liquid cooled products deployed worldwide, CoolIT is engaged with the industry’s leading OEMs to produce innovative and reliable liquid cooling solutions.

To learn more about how CoolIT Systems products and solutions maximize data center performance and efficiency whilst significantly reducing OPEX and overall TCO, visit

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