Podcast: Do It Yourself Deep Learning

In this AI Podcast, Bob Bond from Nvidia and Mike Senese from Make magazine discuss the Do It Yourself movement for Artificial Intelligence. “Deep learning isn’t just for research scientists anymore. Hobbyists can use consumer grade GPUs and open-source DNN software to tackle common household tasks from ant control to chasing away stray cats.”

Podcast: Where Deep Learning Is Going Next

In this Nvidia podcast, Bryan Catanzaro from Baidu describes how machines with Deep Learning capabilities are now better at recognizing objects in images than humans. “AI gets better and better until it kind of disappears into the background,” says Catanzaro — NVIDIA’s head of applied deep learning research — in conversation with host Michael Copeland on this week’s edition of the new AI Podcast. “Once you stop noticing that it’s there because it works so well — that’s when it’s really landed.”

Image Recognition with Coprocessors

“Applications in diverse industries such as the hospitality and retail industry, social networks and surveillance can benefit from real time image recognition. Parallelism at the system level can be divided into two main areas. First, at the database level and second at the image recognition level. The compute load per thread on the host system can just be calculated as the total number of images in the database divided by the number of threads. The image matching algorithms can then be parallelized on the coprocessor.”