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Supercomputing Moves Closer to Predicting Earthquakes

“Working in close collaboration with Intel Labs Parallel Computing Lab, performing a series of architecture-aware optimizations, the team was able to scale the complexity of science and sustained performance to an unprecedented level. SeisSol sustained 8.6 PFLOPS (double precision), almost equivalent 8.6 quadrillion calculations per second when processing seismic wave phenomena using half of the Tianhe-2 supercomputer.

Can Nvidia Outsmart Intel in HPC?

Over at the Motley Fool, Srdjan Bejakovic writes that Nvidia and Intel are battling it out in the HPC space. But before you go off and invest, insideHPC wants to make sure you know the rest of the story.

Video: Intel Unveils Knights Landing Details at ISC’14

In the course of this talk, Intel’s Raj Hazra unveils details of the Knights Landing architecture including the new Omni Scale Fabric, an integrated, high performance interconnect designed for CPU to CPU communications. “The industry ecosystem needs to work together to tackle challenges in system architecture, programming models, and energy efficiency – all while lowering the thresholds for broader user access and usability.”