Podcast: TACC Powers Deep Earth Imaging

“In this TACC Podcast, Ross Maguire and Jeroen Ritsema of the University of Michigan describe how supercomputer simulations of volcanos show how mantle plumes form and how they rise from Earth’s mantle. What’s more, the researchers say their work could guide future experiments with seismic imaging and help get to the bottom of mysteries like the origin of Hawaii’s volcanos.”

Supercomputing Super Eruptions at BSC

Researchers at BSC are using the MareNostrum supercomputer to study super eruptions–volcanic events with most destructive force on this planet. Only a few super volcanos exist in the world and when they erupt, they do so with a force tens of thousands of times greater than other eruptions. “A new study on the Campanian Ignimbrite super-eruption, which took place some 39,000 years ago near the modern city of Naples, provides a detailed reconstruction of this natural phenomenon which slowed the advance of Modern Humans in Europe.”