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Archives for October 2013

Interview: Bronis de Supinski from LLNL on Why SC13 Matters

In this video, Bronis de Supinski, Chief Technology Officer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, speaks about the importance of attending SC13.

California Study Validates Energy Savings of Asetek Liquid Cooling

A new study by Henry Coles of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has validated the energy-savings potential of Asetek RackCDU liquid cooling technology.

Four Gordon Bell Finalists using GPU-powered Titan Supercomputer

Four of the six finalists for this year’s Gordon Bell Prize conducted their research on the Titan supercomputer.

First Recipient of HPC Vanguard Award to Be Announced at SC13

Our friends at The Exascale Report will honor the recipient of the inaugural HPC Vanguard Award at SC13 in Denver, recognizing a critical leader in the HPC community’s strategic push to achieve exascale levels of supercomputing performance.

Supercomputing the Clues to Hotspot Volcanos

Researchers are using supercomputers at to detect previously unknown channels of slow-moving seismic waves in Earth’s upper mantle. This discovery helps to explain how “hotspot volcanoes”—the kind that give birth to island chains like Hawaii and Tahiti—come to exist.

Mellanox Becomes First Certified End-To-End Interconnect Vendor for OpenStack

Today Mellanox announced that it is the first certified End-To-End interconnect vendor for OpenStack. Leveraging Mellanox 10/40GbE or FDR 56Gb/s adapters and switches and the OpenStack Cinder block storage and Neutron plug-ins, cloud vendors can significantly improve storage access performance and run virtual machine traffic with bare-metal performance, while enjoying hardened security and QoS; all delivered in a simple and tightly integrated package.

Intel to Manufacture Quad-Core ARM Processors for Altera

In a surprise move this week, Altera announced that Intel will manufacture Altera’s ARM-based SoCs using Intel’s 14 nm tri-gate transistor technology.

Supercomputers: All the World’s Scientific Instruments Rolled into One

This video presents an uplifting overview of HPC and how it is being used to tackle the toughest challenges facing society. Almost all of the major challenges that society faces, whether it’s preserving our environment, improving our healthcare, or rebuilding our economy, are underpinned in some way or another by high performance computing.

Intel Fosters Research Center for Many-core HPC at ZIB in Berlin

Intel has set up a “Research Center for Many-core High-Performance Computing” at the ZIB institute in Berlin.

Report: Sequester Hurting American Research

A new report shows that the American research community is already experiencing extreme setbacks as a result of sequestration. Produced by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology along with 15 other science organizations, the report is based on a nationwide, online survey designed to measure the effects of the faltering federal investment on scientists and the research they are trying to conduct.