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The CLAW DSL: Abstractions for Performance Portable Weather and Climate Models

Valentin Clement from the Center for Climate System Modeling in Switzerland gave this talk at PASC18. ‘In order to profit from emerging high-performance computing systems, weather and climate models need to be adapted to run efficiently on different hardware architectures such as accelerators. This is a major challenge for existing community models that represent very large code bases written in Fortran. We introduce the CLAW domain-specific language (CLAW DSL) and the CLAW Compiler that allows the retention of a single code written in Fortran and achieve a high degree of performance portability.”

PASC18 Keynote to Focus on Kilometre-Scale Earth System Simulations

Today the PASC18 conference announced that Nils P. Wedi from ECMWF will be one of its keynote speakers. “This talk will illustrate the need for and practicality of producing ensembles of km-scale simulations, summarize progress on accelerating state-of-the-art global weather and climate predictions, and discuss outstanding issues and future directions on producing and analysing big weather data while balancing time-critical customer needs with energy- and time-to-solution.”