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Molly Rector Joins DDN as CMO


Today DDN announced the appointment of Molly Rector as the company’s first Chief Marketing Officer. This is a great move for the company, as Molly Rector is one of the sharpest people I know in the industry.

Spectra Logic Wins Storage Visions Award

Spectra Logic was named as the 2014 Storage Visions “Visionary Company in Media and Entertainment Storage” for its introduction of the Deep Simple Storage Service (DS3).

DDN Powers 60 Percent of TOP500


Today DataDirect Networks announced that the company’s storage infrastructure solutions power more than 60 percent of TOP500 most powerful supercomputers.

How Ceph Helps Power Penguin Computing On-Demand


In this video, Travis Rhoden from Penguin Computing describes how the Ceph distributed object storage system powers the company’s Penguin on Demand HPC Cloud offering.

Radio Free HPC Looks at HPC Datacenter Evolution


In this slidecast from Radio Free HPC, Fritz Ferstl from Univa leads a discussion on the continuing HPC Datacenter Evolution.

Disruptive Change in Storage Technologies for Big Data


“My story in a nutshell is that as things get larger, if they get larger and we operate them on larger sizes, we actually have pretty good technology for dealing with size. We suffer primarily from scale and the number of components that can fail, and keeping consistency on those. The consistency issue is a serious one for storage systems that are always available.”

Xyratex Acquired – What Does the Future Hold for Lustre?


“At this point, I think it actually really makes sense for the community as a whole to fork Lustre, rename it OpenSFS, remove all the branding IP, and make it GPL/MIT/BSD licensed. Have OpenSFS own the copyrights/IP, have vendors sign up to support it. Sort of like the Linux foundation. And what CentOS does with RedHat.”

Seagate Technology to Acquire Xyratex


Today Seagate Technology announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire all outstanding shares of Xyratex in an all-cash transaction.

Building an Extensible Storage Ecosystem with WOS


“To support our goal of building a statewide research community, we’re creating an extensible storage environment to increase collaboration and data sharing. DDN’s WOS technology will provide the vital storage framework while leveraging the essence and simplicity of cloud infrastructure to help SSERCA broaden its data-centric research capabilities.”

Slidecast: Huawei HPC Solutions


“The E9000 is designed to overcome the cluster networking limitations of previous generations of blade servers,” said Jane Li, COO, Huawei Enterprise USA. “The Tecal E9000 was designed for application flexibility, as well as to support the next three generations of powerful processors, and the next decade of network technology that will dominate HPC clouds.”