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Avago to Sell LSI’s Axxia Networking Business to Intel


This week Avago Technologies announced the signing of a definitive agreement for Intel to acquire LSI’s Axxia Networking Business and related assets for $650 million in cash.

CUDA Fortran Managed Memory with PGI 14.7

unified memory

Over at the PGIinsider, Brent LeBack writes that new PGI Compiler release 14.7 enables Unified Memory in CUDA Fortran.

Why Big Data is Really Big Parallelism

Robin Bloor

“Moore’s Law got deflected in 2004, when it became no longer practical to ramp up the clock speed of CPUs to improve performance. So the chip industry improved CPU performance by adding more processors to a chip in concert with miniaturization. This was extra power, but you could not leverage it easily without building parallel software. Virtual machines could use multicore chips for server consolidation of light workloads, but large workloads needed parallel architectures to exploit the power. So, the software industry and the hardware industry moved towards exploiting parallelism in ways they had not previously done. This is the motive force behind the Big Data.”

Penguin Computing Updates Arctica Open Network Switches


Today Penguin Computing announced it’s new line Arctica open network switches.

Video: Designing for the Future-GPU Solutions

Tau Leng, VP / GM of HPC at Supermicro

In this video from GTC Japan 2014, Tau Leng from Supermicro presents: Designing for the Future-GPU Solutions.

Silicon Mechanics Rolls Out Storage Servers and SAS3 JBODs


This week Silicon Mechanics announced a series of four storage servers featuring end-to-end SAS3.

Intel True Scale Boosts Vienna Scientific Cluster


The Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC-3) is using Intel’s true scale fabric to support scientific research at a consortium of multiple institutions in Austria. “While vendors were free to choose network technology as well as topology, the stringent performance requirements, in particular concerning the message rate (2.5 million messages per second and processor core) led the winning bidder, ClusterVision, to select Intel True Scale Fabric QDR80 for VSC-3.”

Interview: SC14 Chair Trish Damkroger

Trish Damkroger

The SC14 communications team interviewed Trish to get her perspective on this year’s Supercomputing Conference. “There is a wealth of knowledge from experienced SC volunteers who continue to provide their expertise year after year. The volunteers of SC are the heart of creating the thriving conference each year. My job is to keep them motivated and moving in the same direction.”

Video: The Evolution of HPC


Marc Hamilton presented this talk at the recent GTC Conference in Japan. “The next stop for GP-GPU computing is the exciting new field of machine learning for big data analytics. Using Convolution Neural Networks running on GPUs, it is now for the first time practical to process the huge amounts of unstructured text, voice, image, and video data available on the web to perform classification, clustering, regression, and recommendation.”

A3CUBE Develops Carrier Grade Interface Controller


Today A3CUBE announced that it has teamed with electronic manufacturing firm AirBorn Inc. to develop an “unbreakable” network interface controller called the RONNIEE RIO.