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Argonne: ATPESC 2023 Applications Due March 1

Jan. 4, 2023 — Applications are due Wednesday, March 1 for the annual Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing (ATPESC), which will take place July 30-August 11, 2023 in the Chicago area. Apply here. There are no fees to participate in ATPESC. Domestic airfare, meals and lodging are also provided. The program offers the opportunity […]

@HPCpodcast Special Edition: 2022 in Review and What’s Ahead in 2023 for HPC

In this year-in-review double-issue episode of @HPCpodcast, Shahin and Doug continue what is becoming a tradition, a discussion of some of the notable developments, trends and news stories of the past year in HPC, including : HPC market growth, the U.S.-China supercomputing competition and trade war, the official arrival of exascale-class supercomputing, quantum computing, SC22, artificial intelligence (including “sentient AI”) and machine learning, Jack Dongarra’s ACM Turing Award, the criticality of emerging interconnect technologies, the defunct Nvidia-Arm deal, the CHIPS & Science Act and the push for domestic chip production in the U.S., HPC software and fusion energy.

DOE Announces $33M Funding Opportunity for ML, AI and Data Resources for Fusion Energy Sciences

The DOE SC program in Fusion Energy Sciences (FES) has announced its interest in applications in the areas of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and data resources for fusion energy and plasma sciences. The goal of this FOA is to support multi-disciplinary teams aiming to apply advanced and autonomous algorithms to address high-priority research […]

@HPCpodcast: All Things Quantum from 3 Practitioners at Brookhaven Lab (Guess Which Quantum Platforms They Use)

Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Kerstin Kleese van Dam, Gabriella Carini, and Meifing Lin join Shahin and Doug to discuss all things quantum, covering quantum sensing, quantum networks and quantum computing. These women are the front lines of HPC and quantum, discussing the state of quantum capabilities today, workloads in which quantum delivers advantages over classical computing, and the challenges of quantum from an experience-based point of view.

Let’s Talk Exascale: The Why Behind HPC-class Scientific Simulations

This episode of the Let’s Talk Exascale podcast, produced by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Exascale Computing Project, features a discussion between ECP host Scott Gibson and Bronson Messer, who offers insights on computer modeling and simulation for advancing science. Messer is a distinguished scientist and director of science at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing […]

ALCF to Hold Developer Session on “Introduction to Migrating to the SYCL Portal,” Jan. 25

The Argonne Leadership Computing Facility will hold a developer session on “Introduction to Migrating to the SYCL Portal” on Wednesday, January 25 from 11 am to noon, Central Time. Go here to register for the event. The session leaders will be: Chekuri S. Choudary, Intel’s technical lead and program manager for the Migrating to SYCL […]

At SC22: An Update on the Altair-AMD Collaboration

At SC22 we caught up with Altair and AMD on their long-running partnership utilizing AMD data center server chips in support of Altair engineering software. We spoke with Eric Lequiniou, Vice President of RADIOSS Development and Altair Solver HPC, and with AMD’s Kevin Mayo, Director of HPC Engineering. The two spoke about AMD’s latest generation […]

At SC22 with 2 Senior Execs from Penguin Solutions

At Penguin Solutions’ SC22 booth, we caught up with two of the company’s senior executives, Kevin Tubbs, Vice President of the Strategic Solutions Group, and Chief Technology Officer Phil Pokorny Penguin’s booth was a busy place at the conference, offering, among things, live demos of: Its new HPC-in-the-Cloud control plane that enables point-and-click provisioning of […]

At SC22: Atos Updates on the BullSequana XH/3000, Nimbix Cloud Supercomputing Suite and Quantum

At SC22, we caught up with Emmanuel LeRoux, Atos Group SVP and Head of HPC & Quantum for updates on several fronts: LeRoux told us Atos now has its highest number — 43 — of systems in the TOP500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, including the new no. 4 system, Leonardo, installed at […]

At SC22: One Stop Systems’ Jim Ison on ‘AI Transportable’ Liquid Cooled HPC at the Edge

One Stop Systems’ veteran Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Jim Ison talked with us at SC22 about OSS’s unque HPC-class hardware that supports “AI Transportable” applications. These are ruggedized AI workloads at the edge — and by edge, OSS means outside of a data center: in a car or truck, a military vehicle, an aircraft […]