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Case Study: Designing a High Performance Lustre Storage System


Intel’s White Paper, “Architecting a High-Performance Storage System,” shows you the step-by-step process in the design of a Lustre file system. “Because performance is limited by the slowest component, the design methodology uses a pipeline approach to select and review each part, making sure the system requirements are met. By starting with the backend disk storage, gradually working up the pipeline to the client and employing an iterative design method, the paper show you how a Lustre file system is created.”

New Whitepaper: File I/O on Intel Xeon Phi (RAM disks, VirtIO, NFS, and Lustre)


“This paper provides information and benchmarks necessary to make the choice of the best file system for a given application from a number of the available options: RAM disks, virtualized local hard drives, and distributed storage shared with NFS or Lustre. We report benchmarks of I/O performance and parallel scalability on Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, strengths and limitations of each option.”

Building the knoSYS 100 Genome Supercomputer


Over at Bio-IT World, Michael Fein from Silicon Mechanics describes how his company worked with Knome to design and build the first-of-its-kind knoSYS 100 Genome Supercomputer.

LAD’14 Issues Call for Participation


EOFS and OpenSFS have issued their Call for Participation in the LAD’14 event, which will take place Sept. 23-24 in Reims, France.

Intel’s Eric Barton on the Need to Move Beyond Posix for Exascale IO

Eric Barton

In this video from ISC’14, Eric Barton from Intel describes the goals of the two-year FastForward Storage and IP Project, which the company wrapped up recently.

Xyratex/Seagate Update from ISC’14


In this video from ISC’14, Torben Kling-Petersen describes the latest technology news from Xyratex. The company’s ClusterStor technology for Lustre storage has just landed a major win with Bull at DKRZ.

Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre Software at ISC’14

Brent Gorda, Intel

“The Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre software unleashes the performance and scalability of the Lustre parallel file system for HPC workloads, including technical ‘big data’ applications common within today’s enterprises. It allows end-users that need the benefits of large–scale, high bandwidth storage to tap the power and scalability of Lustre, with the simplified installation, configuration, and management features provided by Intel Manager for Lustre software, a management solution purpose-built by the Lustre experts at Intel for the Lustre file system.”

Video: EOFS Breakfast Briefing at ISC’14


In this video, Hugo Falter hosts the EOFS Breakfast briefing at ISC’14.

Bull to Resell ClusterStor, Touts Major Design win at DKRZ


Today Bull announced that the company has entered a worldwide reseller partner agreement allowing Bull to resell Xyratex ClusterStor solutions.

Video: Exascale HPC Storage – A Possibility or a Pipe Dream?


“The advances in NV-RAM promise exascale level throughput, however, the building and implementing of full solutions continues to be expensive. While the requirements on performance increase linearly, the requirements on capacity is ramping exponentially. Noting HDDs are increasing in capacity and speed, are these new drives good enough to fulfill these essential ares? Many in the industry suggest a combination of both is the right path, but that suggests a software stack capable of handling multi-level storage transparently and such software does not actu-ally exist in the HPC world today.”