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Lustre Grows Momentum for 2014


“Looking back on 2013 and seeing the growth and development of not only OpenSFS, but also the Lustre community as a whole, makes us extremely excited,” said Galen Shipman, OpenSFS Chairman. “Lustre is healthier than ever, and is continuing to grow as new features like Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) and Distributed Namespace (DNE) are being added that will directly benefit HPC, Big Data, and Enterprise users.”

Still Time to Participate in LUG’14 in Miami

As the annual meeting of the Lustre User Group, LUG’14 LUG is the place to keep up with Lustre, the world’s fastest open source file system.

LUG14 Issues Call for Presentations


OpenSFS has issued a Call for Presentations at LUG14. The event 12th annual Lustre User Group conference will take place April 8-10 in Miami, Florida.

Xyratex Acquired – What Does the Future Hold for Lustre?


“At this point, I think it actually really makes sense for the community as a whole to fork Lustre, rename it OpenSFS, remove all the branding IP, and make it GPL/MIT/BSD licensed. Have OpenSFS own the copyrights/IP, have vendors sign up to support it. Sort of like the Linux foundation. And what CentOS does with RedHat.”

Moving Lustre Forward: Status & Roadmap


In this video from the DDN User Meeting at SC13, Brent Gorda from the Intel High Performance Data Division presents: Moving Lustre Forward: Status & Roadmap.

Slidecast: Introducing the Terascala Intelligent Storage Bridge


“HPC workflows are most efficient when researchers have the data they need, when the need it. The Intelligent Storage Bridge acts like an air traffic controller, automatically moving large data sets on and of scratch using the maximum available network, compute, and storage resources.”

OLCF’s Spider II File System


“Once in production we will be providing OLCF users with more than 1 terabyte per second file system performance at the top end,” said Sarp Oral, the task lead for File and Storage Systems projects in the Technology Integration Group, within the National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS). “At that speed we expect Spider II to be safely in league with the top three parallel file systems in the world.”

Stockyard Corrals Big Data at TACC


“At SC13, TACC introduced Stockyard, a new global file system with 20 petabytes of storage; Maverick, our new data analysis and visualization system to be deployed in January 2014; and Wrangler, an innovative data resource to be deployed in January 2015.”

Aeon Computing Ties HPC All Together at SC13


Aeon Computing was recently selected by the San Diego Supercomputer Center to build and deploy a 7 PetabyteLustre parallel file system as part of the new petascale-level Comet supercomputer. The performance of the 7 PB (Petabyte) filesystem will exceed 200 Gigabytes per second.

Product Update from DDN User Meeting at SC13


In this video from the DDN User Meeting at SC13, Jeff Denworth presents a Product Update. The company’s recent technology announcements include the SFA 12KX storage device, the WOS Bridge Cloud Connector, and the Infinite Memory Engine architecture for Exascale computing.