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Video: Power-Efficient, High-Bandwidth Optical Interconnects for HPC

In this video, Fuad Doany from IBM T. J. Watson presents: Power-Efficient, High-Bandwidth Optical Interconnects for High Performance Computing. High performance computing systems are driving development and large-scale deployment of parallel optical interconnects to meet the ever-increasing interconnect bandwidth requirements. We have demonstrated generations of chip-scale transceivers, or “Optochips”, with record setting high-speed, high-density, and […]

Interconnects Are Newest Twist in Intel vs. Arm

Over at EE Times, Rick Merritt writes that interconnects are the newest front in the war over server microprocessors between Intel and ARM. Intel is widely expected to implement in future Xeon processors the interconnect technology from a spate of recent acquisitions. Server and adapter makers believe such a move could narrow their hardware options […]

Performance Analysis of IB FDR and 40GigE RoCE on HPC and Cloud

In this video, Jerome Vienne from Ohio State University presents: Performance Analysis and Evaluation of InfiniBand FDR and 40GigE RoCE on HPC and Cloud Computing Systems. In this paper, we evaluate various high performance interconnects over the new PCIe Gen3 interface with HPC as well as cloud computing workloads. Our comprehensive analysis, done at different […]

Video: How SDNs Will Tame Networks

In this video, Nick McKeown from Stanford presents: How SDNs Will Tame Networks. Networks are notoriously hard to debug. Today, we only have a rudimentary set of tools available, such as ping, traceroute, tcpdump, and netflow. These tools try to reconstruct the distributed state of the network in an ad-hoc fashion, while the state is […]

Video: Rx Stack Accelerator for 10 GbE Integrated NIC

In this video, IBM’s François Abel presents: Rx Stack Accelerator for 10 GbE Integrated NIC. This paper describes the design of an integrated accelerator to offload computation intensive protocol-processing tasks. The accelerator combines the concepts of the transport-triggered architecture with a programmable finite-state machine to deliver high instruction-level parallelism, efficient multiway branching and flexibility. The […]

Video: Cray High Speed Networking

In this video, Cray’s Bob Alverson presents: Cray High Speed Networking. This talk gives an overview of high speed interconnects across all of Cray’s products. Going back to the Seastar router, Cray has a torus network with high bandwidth. When combined with massively multithreading technology in uRiKA, Seastar provides direct load and store support that […]

Video: The OpenOnload User-level Network Stack

In this video, Dave Parry from SolarFlare presents: The OpenOnload User-level Network Stack. This talk presents the OpenOnload architecture for user-level networking, which is rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for user-space protocol processing of TCP and UDP particularly in latency sensitive applications for the financial markets. We describe our solutions to the challenges outlined above, […]

Interview: Huawei’s John Roese on the Future of Networking

This week the Hot Interconnects conference kicked off with a keynote by John Roese, VP and General Manager of Futurewei, Huawei’s North American R&D organization. After the talk, I got a chance to catch up with Roese and ask him about the keynote and where Huawei is headed in the HPC space. Note: You can […]

Video: A Low-Latency Library in FPGA Hardware for High-Frequency Trading

In this video, John Lockwood from Algo-Logic presents: A Low-Latency Library in FPGA Hardware for High-Frequency Trading (HFT). Recorded at the Hot Interconnects 2012 conference in Santa Clara. Current High-Frequency Trading (HFT) platforms are typically implemented in software on computers with high-performance network adapters. The high and unpredictable latency of these systems has led the […]

ParaSplit: A Scalable Architecture on FPGA for Terabit Packet Classification

In this video, Jeffrey Fong presents: ParaSplit: A Scalable Architecture on FPGA for Terabit Packet Classification. Packet classification is a fundamental enabling function for various applications in switches, routers and firewalls. Due to their performance and scalability limitations, current packet classification solutions are insufficient in addressing the challenges from the growing network bandwidth and the […]