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Dell Teams with Mellanox for 10/40GbE Networking

Today Mellanox announced that its dual port ConnectX-3 10/40GbE Network Interface Cards are now fully compatible with qualified Dell PowerEdge servers.

Slidecast: Penguin Artica Switches for the Software Defined Datacenter


Through Penguin’s new Arctica network switches, customers can take advantage of Cumulus Linux while enjoying Penguin Computing’s enterprise level support and maintenance for switch hardware and software.

CoolIT Takes Liquid-Cooled HPC to the Next Level at ISC'13

In this video from ISC’13, Geoff Lyons from CoolIT Systems decribes the company’s liquid cooling technology for the enterprise and HPC. Known for its innovative spirit and expertise, CoolIT Systems also provides flexible customization services to its customers, establishing a close relationship and making it easy to achieve the many benefits of liquid cooling, including […]

Video: Asetek Showcases Innovative Hot-Water Cooling Tech at ISC'13

In this video from ISC’13, Steve Branton and David Garcia from Asetek describe the company’s innovative hot-water liquid cooling solutions for HPC. Asetek will highlight its direct-to-chip (D2C) RackCDU hot-water liquid cooling system with prototype servers from HP, Cisco and Fujitsu. In addition, Cray’s supercomputer CS300-LC with RackCDU will be on display. RackCDU is a […]

Slidecast: Mellanox Rolls Out Virtual Modular Switch

In this slidecast, Gilad Shainer from Mellanox presents an overview of the company’s new Virtual Modular Switch. Cloud, Web 2.0, and enterprise data centers which require large aggregation Ethernet switch networks are moving away from legacy modular switches, due to high expenses and rapid obsolescence, to fixed switches that bring scalability and efficiency,” said Gilad […]

Podcast: Hot Interconnects 2013 Conference Looks to the Future of Networking

In this podcast, the program co-chairs of the 2013 Hot Inteconnects Conference discuss how the annual symposium covers cross-cutting issues spanning computer systems, networking technologies, and communication protocols for high-performance interconnection networks. Program guests: Madeleine Glick (APIC Corporation) Torsten Hoefler (ETH Zurich) Fabrizio Petrini (IBM TJ Watson) Hot Interconnects takes place in San Jose, California […]

CSIRO Supercomputer to use Geothermal Cooling

Over at The Register, Richard Chirgwin writes Australia’s CSIRO plans to use Geothermal cooling for a new petascale supercomputer. Located in bone-dry Perth, the system will be used to process data from the Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) telescope. The water to cool the Pawsey machine will be drawn from an aquifer 100 meters below […]

Infographic: Why Green Datacenters Matter

Over at the Intel CSR blog, Lorie Wigle writes that replacing an old server with a more energy efficient design could save up to 1 ton of carbon emissions. Intel is also exploring other innovative and eco conscious technologies within its data centers. For example, on its Rio Rancho, New Mexico campus, Intel conducted a […]

Configuring Moab to Fairly Share a Supercomputer in a University Setting

In this video from the Adaptive Computing booth at SC12, Jenett Tillotson from Indiana University presents: Configuring Moab to Fairly Share a Supercomputer while Preventing Starvation in a University Setting.

Realizing Energy Efficient Scheduling in a Network of Data Centers

In this video from the Adaptive Computing booth at SC12, Dr. Bastian Koller from the HLRS HPC Center in Stuttgart presents: Realizing Energy Efficient Scheduling in a Network of Data Centers.