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OpenSFS Publishes First Lustre Annual Report

Meghan McClelland from Xyratex presents the new Lustre Annual Report to LUG 2014.

“The annual Lustre report is segmented into three sections: Market Dynamics; The State of Lustre in 2014; and Intersect360 Research Analysis. The report also looks at market trends around file systems, exploring the past, present and future of Lustre in Big Data.”

OpenSFS Benchmarking Working Group Releases I/O Characterization Report


“The OpenSFS Benchmarking Working Group (BWG) was created with the intent of defining an I/O benchmark suite to satisfy the requirements of the scalable parallel file system users and facilities. The first step toward this end was identified as characterization of I/O workloads, from small- to very large-scale parallel file systems, deployed at various high-performance and parallel computing (HPC) facilities and institutions. The characterization will then drive the design of the I/O benchmarks that emulate these workloads.”

GPU Boost for the Tesla K40

GPU Boost is a relatively simple way to increase performance by up to 17.5%.

Report: Applied Mathematics Research for Exascale Computing


The DOE ASCR Exascale Mathematics Working Group has published their 2014 report entitled: Applied Mathematics Research for Exascale Computing.

User Site Census Report Offers New Perspectives on HPC Storage Market

This report, part of our Site Census research, provides an examination of the storage characteristics and capacities found in a sample of HPC user sites.

Experiences with Parallel Multi-threaded Network Maximum Flow Algorithm


The European PRACE organization has published a series of excellent whitepapers on scalable algorithms.

White Paper Looks at New AMD Compute Core Implementation


In a new white paper, AMD redefines the Compute Core as “Any core capable of running at least one process in its own context and virtual memory space, independently from other cores.” It’s a fascinating look into the new Kaveri chip and HSA.

Ian Foster Seeking Input on the History of the Grid


Grid Computing pioneer Ian Foster is seeking input and updates on his History of the Grid.

New Paper Describes Next-gen Ultralow-Power Optical Interconnects

MIT Technology Review has posted details on a new generation of ultralow power optical interconnects.

Infographic: Potential Worldwide Savings from Liquid Cooling

As liquid cooling continues to gain traction in the datacenter, Asetek has developed an infographic to illustrate the potential 68 Billion kWh in worldwide energy savings from their RackCDU technology.