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Infographic: Potential Worldwide Savings from Liquid Cooling

As liquid cooling continues to gain traction in the datacenter, Asetek has developed an infographic to illustrate the potential 68 Billion kWh in worldwide energy savings from their RackCDU technology.

Interview & Whitepaper: How Numascale Builds Shared Memory Clusters


While there are a number of ways to build shared memory clusters, Numascale’s hardware solution has matured with up to 256 Tbytes of physical address space in its scalable on-chip switch fabric. To learn more, we caught up Einer Rustad from Numascale.

Scality on the Path to Exascale Computing


“The Scality Ring provides consistently low latency as well as automated, predictive, and scalable performance scaling into millions of IOPS, thousands of nodes, trillions of objects, and exabytes of capacity.”

NSF Report: Universities Show Growing use of HPC

An NSF report shows that HPC, networking, and computer storage capabilities in U.S. academia have increased substantially over the past seven years.

It’s Here! The Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC13 in Denver


The all-new Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC13 in Denver is an in-flight magazine custom tailored for your journey to the Mile-High city at SC13. With in-depth features on Exascale, high-performance networks, and the history of the SC conference, Print ‘n Fly also has pointers to the best restaurants and bars in Denver.

Exascale Progress Meter – Are We Moving in the Right Direction?


In this special feature, Mike Bernhardt looks at our current progress towards Exascale computing, a future milestone of supercomputing 10^18 flops.

Paper: Initial Explorations of ARM Processors for Scientific Computing


As anticipation grows for using ARM processors in HPC, a new paper from a team of LHC researchers is showing promising results.

California Study Validates Energy Savings of Asetek Liquid Cooling

A new study by Henry Coles of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has validated the energy-savings potential of Asetek RackCDU liquid cooling technology.

Report: Sequester Hurting American Research


A new report shows that the American research community is already experiencing extreme setbacks as a result of sequestration. Produced by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology along with 15 other science organizations, the report is based on a nationwide, online survey designed to measure the effects of the faltering federal investment on scientists and the research they are trying to conduct.

Supercomputing New Strides in Biofuels Research

XSEDE supercomputing resources are powering new discoveries in biofuels research. XSEDE has allowed us not only to understand what the linker is doing but it has also allowed us to see how the hydrolysis reactions occur,” Beckham says