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Sponsored Post: Five Reasons to Celebrate Debugging at Scale

David Lecomber, CEO, Allinea

“We all have our objectives for scalability. It may mean hundreds, thousands, or millions of cores to you. But spare a thought for the software teams. We need developers and application analysts in order to scale on that new machine. Do we expect only optimization? In reality, there is a necessary step before this: debugging. What should every application developer know about debugging at scale?”

Sponsored Post: Utilization vs. Efficiency – How to Have Them Both on your HPC System

David Lecomber, CEO, Allinea

“We all want maximum utilization from our HPC systems but do we really know how efficiently this time is being used? With Allinea Performance Reports, you now have the information you need without changing the source code or the application to drive smarter computing.”

Sponsored Post: An Open Letter to the HPC Community from Christiaan Best, CEO of Green Revolution Cooling

Christiaan Best

Christiaan Best, Founder & CEO of Green Revolution Cooling discusses the fiery motivation his organization has to change the data center cooling industry, their recent explosion of growth, and the cost-effective future of liquid submersion cooling.

Sponsored Post: Display Manager from Altair: Remote Visualization for HPC


Display Manager is a web-based environment for remote visualization of very Big Data arising from large HPC simulations. “Display Manager eliminates the need for massive data movement across networks by leveraging NVIDIA GRID GPU’s for server side remote visualization. This represents a major milestone in the path toward complete simulation lifecycle management.” Watch the demo to see it in action.

Sponsored Post: Asetek Innovates with Hot Water Cooling System


Asetek is the world’s leading supplier of liquid cooling systems for computers with over 1.5 million cooling systems shipped for workstations, desktop PCs and servers. Leveraging their proven technologies, the Asetek RackCDU™ Direct-to-Chip hot water cooling system delivers energy savings of up to 80% and server rack density increases of up to 2.5x-5x times compared to air-cooled data centers, with rapid ROI and low TCO.

Sponsored Post: Balancing High Performance with Cost when Analyzing Big Data

NetApp Logo small

HPC and big data professionals need high performance to ingest and analyze huge amounts of data, while still managing power and cost efficiently.

Sponsored Post: Asetek Increases Density & Efficiency in the Datacenter


This report takes a closer look at how Asetek’s liquid cooling solutions provide energy savings, cost savings, density increases, and noise reduction.

Sponsored Post: 5 Types of Memory Challenges and How to Resolve Memory Bugs


Memory debugging MPI programs running on HPC clusters can be challenging. Memory leaks and bugs can be caused by factors such as failing to free memory or pointers, not checking for error conditions, array bounds violations, and memory corruption. Download a whitepaper identifying the top 5 types of memory challenges and ways to identify and […]