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Mellanox Demonstrates World’s First 100Gb/s EDR InfiniBand Switch

Today Mellanox announced Switch-IB, the next generation of its InfiniBand switch and the first-ever switch IC capable of 100Gb/s per port speeds.

Job of the Week: HPC Fabric Management Software Engineer at Intel

Intel is seeking an HPC Fabric Management Software Engineer in our Job of the Week.

Looking Forward: The Intel Parallel Universe at ISC’14

Mike Bernhardt from Intel writes that the company will continue to demonstrate an “unswerving commitment to HPC” at next week’s International Supercomputing Conference. “If you want to keep up with where HPC is going, be sure to catch as many of the Intel presentations as you can fit into your calendar. They’ll be pretty hard to miss.”

RapidIO Trade Association to Exhibit at ISC’14

The organization will exhibit several low latency, energy efficient multiprocessor systems at the upcoming ISC’14 conference

Podcast: Fabric Integration is Coming to Intel True Scale

“With Fabric Integration, you pick up five value vectors. One is an in increase in performance; so the closer you can drive the fabric to the CPU, the more things you can do to increase the overall performance of both the CPU, and the fabric together. Number two, you pick up density. Because now you’re not taking up any board space or PCIe slots and things like that. Number three, you pick up also the options for improved value, in terms of price per performance. Number four, you reduce power. And number five, by getting rid of things like the PCIe bus, you reduce componentry – which again reduces power – as well as improves reliability.”

IBM Research Discovers New Polymers with Computational Chemistry

Scientists from IBM Research have successfully created a new class of polymer materials using computational chemistry.

HPC Cluster Building Blocks

The basic HPC cluster consists of at least one management/login node connected to a network of many worker nodes. Depending on the size of the cluster, there may be multiple management nodes used to run cluster-wide services, such as monitoring, workflow, and storage services. This insideHPC article series looks at the Five Essential Strategies for Managing HPC Clusters.

Thomas Sterling Presents: HPC in Phase Change for Exascale Computing

“Exascale computing will demand innovations greater than was required for Petaflops six years ago in terms of computer architecture, parallel programming models, and system software. It will require a break from the past through a new execution model.”

Intel’s True Scale Fabric Gains Momentum; Forty Percent Growth from Last Year

“We really need to re-look at what the requirements are that will lead us all the way up to being able to support Exascale deployments. One of these absolute requirements is CPU fabric integration, because the performance that’s needed, the density, the power, are all areas that have to be vastly improved to support deployments of exascale.”

New Paper: Cluster-Level Tuning of a Shallow Water Equation Solver on the Intel MIC Architecture

Colfax Research has published a new white paper entitled “Cluster-Level Tuning of a Shallow Water Equation Solver on the Intel MIC Architecture.” Written by Andrey Vladimirov, the paper demonstrates the optimization of the execution environment of a hybrid OpenMP+MPI computational fluid dynamics code (shallow water equation solver) on a cluster enabled with Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors.