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Ocean Modeling and the Hunt for Flight 370


As part of the search effort, AMSA has been employing CSIRO ocean modeling capabilities to help define the area covered by search and rescue teams.

LUG 2014 Video Gallery

Welcome to our Video Gallery for LUG 2014. (LUG 2014 Presentation files are now available from OpenSFS) Special Features from the Show Announcement: Seagate Donates to the User Community, Ken Claffey, Xyratex * Video Interview: OpenSFS Welcomes Back into User Community * Video Brent Gorda on What’s New in the Lustre Community * Video * Slides LUG 2014 […]

Big Data Visualization with TACC Maverick


Over at VizWorld, Dean Meyers writes that the new Maverick system at TACC is a unique, powerful, high performance visualization and data analytics resource for the open science and engineering community.

Marc Hamilton Looks at China HPC

“Like the US, Japan, and Europe, China still has plans to build giant HPC systems like Tianhe. However, increasingly these systems are being looked at to support commercial HPC workloads like machine vision in a cloud environment in addition to just scientific data processing.”

RSC PetaStream Delivers 1.2 PFLOPS Per Rack with Xeon Phi

RSC PetaStream_small_3

Today Russian supercomputer vendor RSC Group announced record single-rack performance with their last RSC PetaStream ultra-high density system.

Why Big Data Translates into Big Bucks


“UK-based Maxeler Technologies took the opportunity to get over the message about the importance of big data to the highest political levels when British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited its stand at CeBIT this month. Oskar Mencer, Maxeler CEO, spoke to the two world leaders about the design of the company’s dataflow engines and their use in the finance industry where stock exchanges and banks employ the engines to accelerate risk analytics in real-time.”

Video: GTC Keynote – Using GPUs at Pixar


Today’s GTC keynote features Pixar’s Dirk Van Gelder and Danny Nahmias. While you may not think of Pixar in terms of HPC, the company is an undisputed leader in computing graphics. In fact, the first Academy Award ever given to a computer generated movie was Pixar’s Luxo Jr. in 1986.

New Eurotech G-Station Deskside HPC system


Today Eurotech announced their new G-Station, a liquid-cooled departmental HPC system.

Gordon Supercomputer Speeds Whole-Genome Sequencing


Researchers are using the Gordon supercomputer at SDSC to battle rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic disease that affects as many as 52 million Americans.

OpenACC Touts Growing Adoption at Upcoming GPU Technology Conference


“OpenACC is gaining momentum and adoption,” said Duncan Poole, President of the OpenACC Standards Group. “Developers benefit because using OpenACC directives makes parallel programming more productive and collaboration easier. Large, legacy codes are easier to maintain and accelerated code is more portable across HPC systems.”